Prayer of St. Catherine of Siena for the Pope.

Eternal Majesty! Most mighty God! I cry  to Thee, my God and my Love, praying Thee in Thy great pity to show mercy unto the world. Grant unto it light to acknowledge him who is Thy Vicar, in the purity of faith; and do Thou also shed Thy light on him, O my God, that all the world may follow him. And since Thou hast chosen him to be Thy Vicar, give him wisdom and a courageous heart, and fill him with holy humility. Never, O my God, will I cease to knock at the door of Thy mercy, Praying Thee to exalt him and protect him, and to manifest in him Thy strength. Let his heart be filled with undaunted courage, that he may burn with pure and holy desires; and let Thy charity, Thy purity, and Thy sovereign wisdom shine forth in all his acts, that thus he may draw after him the entire world. And enlighten his enemies also, who now so wickedly resist Thy Holy Spirit and oppose Thy designs; touch their hearts that they may be converted and saved. O inestimable Love! constrain them by Thy charity in this the day of grace, that they die not in their hardness of heart. 

Let all souls be subject unto Thee, that they may not perish. Take from us all pride and self-love, and let us one and all humble ourselves before Thee, and obey Thy Vicar, the Sovereign Pontiff, as our common Lord and Father. Wherefore we pray that both he, and we Thy childien, may find grace with Thee, that all our actions may be directed to Thy good pleasure, and that Thou wilt graciously deign to hear our prayers. To Thee, and to Thy Eternal Majesty, be honor, praise, and blessing, now and forever. Amen.